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Abbey Group Directors offer professional training and counsel to boards of directors and executive teams of both corporate and nonprofit organizations. We can assist you in creating a clear vision for your organization and developing strategies to stay mission-focused and achieve your goals.

Board Development, Education and Training
A strong board is the lifeblood of an organization.  Is your board focused on strategic rather than operational issues? Is it structured to best serve your organization's needs? Abbey Directors can work with your board to maximize its effectiveness, create position descriptions and define expectations. If your organization does not have an outside board in place, we can assist with the development of a board. Education and training sessions can also be customized to help your organization and board reach your objectives.

Strategic Planning/Business Planning
Through focus groups and directed exercises, we work with your senior staff and board to develop a business plan with measurable goals, strategies, action items and timelines. Business plan reporting expectations will be identified and procedures developed to meet those expectations. We also can assist with succession planning for key staff and board members.

Executive Mentoring and Coaching
Our outside perspective is helpful in improving the executive team's effectiveness in achieving business plan goals and strategies. We will assist you in organizing team meetings to be effective and results-oriented. Working with individual team members, we can assist with setting performance goals, developing implementation plans and outlining reporting expectations. Our one-on-one coaching of executive team members is customized to ensure the achievement of the outcomes you expect for each team member individually and as a member of the team.

Team Development and Human Resource Management
Our human resource services include developing position descriptions, creating and supporting performance appraisal tools and processes (including individual forms, 360-degree evaluations and online survey tools), and assisting with development and monitoring of performance goals. Additionally, we can help you solidify your team through the facilitation of management team meetings, administering the MBTI®assessment tool and support with ongoing team development.

Board and executive development members
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