Philanthropy Management

Abbey Directors offer full service support and well-rounded professional counsel to clients in all aspects of foundation and charitable trust management. Confidentiality and privacy are top priority, allowing you the level of involvement and community awareness you desire.

Foundation Structure

Abbey Group Directors can set up a new charitable foundation or reorganize an established foundation by confirming your mission and charitable focus. We can coordinate all of the financial set-up, legal filings and policy development, using our partnerships with investment and legal advisors or working with your trusted counsel as philanthropy experts.

Managing your Philanthropy

We coordinate the process so you can focus on the giving! We will develop requests for proposals, coordinate, evaluate and prioritize all funding requests and present qualified grants to your board for review and approval.

Grant Compliance

The Abbey Group Directors develop and monitor the terms and conditions of all grants and present periodic progress reports to your board, ensuring that your gifts have the impact you intended.


We can handle all correspondence on your behalf and prepare press releases, annual reports or content for your website.

Staffing and Office

Abbey Directors can serve as your foundation’s executive director on a temporary or long-term basis. Administrative and support services, pledge/gift processing and providing office and meeting space are examples of services we provide.

Financial Management/Accounting

Whether we work with our investment or legal partners or serve as philanthropic liaison to your trusted advisors, The Abbey Group can provide counsel on financial questions, investment and granting goals, and tax and estate planning services. We can coordinate all IRS/State applications, filings and reporting, and offer complete financial recordkeeping, accounting and gift processing services.