Prospecting for Endowment Gold: Why you shouldn’t neglect endowment building

Michael McNeely
Michael McNeely

Michael McNeely, president of Abbey Group, spoke recently about endowment building to dozens of nonprofit executives. The Abbey Group presentation was hosted March 27 by the Black Hills Area Community Foundation at the Golden Hills Resort in Lead, South Dakota.

Michael’s presentation raised hopes among nonprofit executives that their own organizations might successfully pursue endowments as a fund raising strategy. Many nonprofits have neglected endowments, Michael said, because in the past only large institutions, such as colleges, had them. But the landscape for endowment giving has changed.

Michael challenged participants to imagine what they would do with an endowment. Then he explored these topics:

  • How to set up your endowment fund
  • How to build your case for endowment
  • How to approach donors with your endowment case
  • How to manage your endowment fund

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Did you know?

Corporations turn to Abbey Group to maximize the social, financial, and PR impact of their giving. We offer these services:

  • Structuring Corporate Giving
  • Creating High-Impact Philanthropy
  • Targeting Community Needs
  • Avoiding Pitfalls

For additional information regarding the Abbey Group, Ltd., contact Michael McNeely, President.


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