Michael & Sandra McNeely Presenting at AFP Mid-America Conference

At the AFP Mid-America Conference on May 7 and 8, 2012, Michael and Sandra McNeely are presenting three topics:  “Fundraising 101”, “Multi-generational fundraising”, and “Identifying and Qualifying donor prospects”.  A summary of the presentations follow:

Fundraising 101

Knowing how and why people give and the most effective way of asking for a major gift is paramount for successful fundraising.  Topics covered include gauging the strength of leaders for and assessing the organizations current development process; identifying techniques and tools to engage current and potential donors when raising funds; and staying abreast of the changing trends in philanthropy.

Multi-Generational Fundraising

The current work force consists of Traditionalists (1922-1945) to Generation Y (1980-2000).  Finding the right way to approach each generation can help unlock the funds you seek in your fundraising efforts.  Learn about the differences in each generation and the best methods to attract all generations.

Identifying and Qualifying Donor Prospects

Successful fundraising is about finding the right donors.  When choosing donor prospects it is important to know what your organization needs and who is most likely to support these needs. Lean what qualities to look for in your donors and how to select donors for making The Ask.


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