What Professionals Say About The Abbey Group…

Mr. McNeely was thoughtful in his approach to fundraising and very helpful in teaching total novices how to fundraise. His group organized our membership and researched our prospects while maintaining confidentiality throughout. Not only was he there to help us, but also he was there to remind us of our responsibilities.

Linda B. Ford, MD
Past-President, American Lung Association
President, American Medical Association Foundation

In my opinion, Michael carries out his development activities in the right way: low key, behind the scenes, motivating others, organizing the campaign, realizing when certain donors or solicitors are procrastinating to the point of not being helpful, always using his professional demeanor. Michael is the opposite of the abrasive development professional.

Paul A. Greenberger, MD
Steering Committee Chair
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, ERT Campaign

We have been extremely satisfied with the services of The Abbey Group, Ltd. They have delivered advice, materials and results on time and in an exceptionally professional manner. They have kept our hospital on task, under budget, and on track to meet our goals. Their counsel has proven to be an exact match for what we needed to accomplish.

Ann N. Sitrick
Executive Director
Beloit Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.

The Abbey Group has patiently and professionally guided us through the process of organizing ourselves into an effective foundation. They provided advice and assistance in articulating objectives, preparing our case statement, staffing, investment guidelines, self-governance issues and promotion. Like any other endeavor, without the attention given to building this infrastructure, the goals of the Foundation could not be met.

Graham J. Cook
Homesteader’s Life

As Chair of the Board, I am confident in saying that your involvement with several NHS committees and staff was a great asset and beneficial in so many ways. Your broad knowledge, insight and past experience with nonprofits have significantly contributed to the organization’s success.

Charles N. Eldred
Board President
Nebraska Humane Society

As a company with diverse offerings, we knew we wanted to make a difference in the communities where we work and live, but were unsure of how to represent all of our interests appropriately. The Abbey Group provided us with outstanding counsel and a solid understanding of development and philanthropy. The knowledge and expertise of Michael and his staff helped us set our vision and develop our granting guidelines.

Curtis J. Zamec
Chairman, President and CEO
Wilbert, Inc.