After Your Successful Campaign: Why Retain Abbey Group Development Counsel?

Your campaign is over. You’ve met your goal in gifts and pledges. You deserve to bask in the glory. This is the time to say goodbye to your fund raising consulting firm, right? Wrong.

If your consulting firm is the Abbey Group, hold on! If we are not your consulting firm, consider us for follow up counsel. The best may be yet to come.

You already know that the Abbey Group is passionate about the long-term success of your mission. You already know that the Abbey Group wants you to develop positive on-going relationships with your supporters, particularly major givers and major gift prospects.

Now, in the aftermath of a successful campaign, you are in the favorable position of knowing a great deal about your donors and what motivates their gifts. There are many opportunities arising in the next couple of years that you won’t want to miss.

Abbey Group development counsel can’t replace you or your staff—we’ll work with you and behind the scenes to bring out the best in every opportunity. We offer you our long and broad experience in development. We have served over 100 diverse clients in many different situations throughout our 15 years. We stay current with changes impacting nonprofit development, including legislation and best practices. And, perhaps most important, we are objective outsiders who can see your organization in the widest possible context of nonprofits and donors. We see you in terms of your potential, not just your status quo.

After your campaign, Abbey Group development counsel can help you do the following:

  • Keep the board informed and engaged in the mission, which is now undergoing changes and challenges in the midst of new programs, new personnel, and/or new facilities
  • Help the board and executive staff re-envision next steps to expand impact
  • Explore fund raising options that follow naturally from a campaign, including planned giving, endowment raising, events, and even direct mail follow-up
  • Develop new vehicles to report successful outcomes to donors and familiarize them with future needs
  • Develop programs to involve stakeholders in volunteer activities that will increase their commitment to the organization
  • Generate ideas and develop innovative approaches
  • Deal with problems on the board, among the leadership, or in any of the development processes

How much will it cost your organization to retain Abbey Group development counsel? Less than you think. Contact us to find out how we can tailor a plan to your needs and your budget. That’s the Abbey Group way.


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