YMCA Fund Raiser, Sharpen Your Sword!

Michael McNeely
Michael McNeely

Roger Gallimore, Executive Director of the Rapid City, SD, YMCA, thanked us recently for helping him sharpen his sword. He used that colorful phrase to describe the edge we gave him, new tools and techniques to complement his standard fund raising practices. We are flattered by his remarks because if anyone knows the business of development for YMCA’s, it’s Roger. He’s been one of the most successful YMCA fund raisers for a long time now. We at Abbey Group are proud that we could offer him counsel that had significant impact.

How about your fund raising practices and results? Have you noticed that things have changed radically even since 2005? It gets harder each year to go back to the same people and ask for an even bigger gift. Major donors have become more skeptical about how you plan to use their gifts. And they want more accountability along the way. Meanwhile, competition for the charitable dollar is expanding rapidly. New technologies are changing the way you approach people. You need to expand your programs and pay new staff. And it all takes money.

The bottom line is that you want to bring your donors along with you as you grow. You want them to be as excited about your vision as you are. Have you been able to do that?

At Abbey Group we specialize in developing fund raising relationships because relationships are what motivates giving—long-term, significant giving. We seek to make a difference for real people because that’s what your donors want. We help you to achieve your specified dollar goals, but, much more than that, we help you build friendships that you can build on in your next campaign and the one after that.

Give us a call and see how we’re different. Let’s talk about how we can help you sharpen your sword.


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